Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Live Streaming

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Live Streaming: Bigg Boss 5 Telugu can be seen through various official and unofficial platform. Here we will explain and give you all the details about where you can watch this Bigg Boss 5 Telugu for free, official and unofficially.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Live Streaming

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Live Streaming

Disney Hotstar

Hotstar is the Biggest Ott Platform. You can watch Bigg boss 5 telugu on this App. You need to install and register on this Hotstar to watch. If you subscribe you can watch Bigg Boss 5 Telugu on time of Actual Streaming or else you need to wait for one day to watch the Bigg Boss 5 Telugu without subscription. Voting can also be done directly through this app or bigg boss telugu vote.

Star Maa

Star Maa channel telecasts this Bigg Boss 5 Telugu at 10 pm from Monday to Friday. On saturday and Sunday its streaming timings are 9pm to 11 pm.

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Star Maa Music

You can watch all the Unseen Bigg Boss 5 Telugu scenes in Bigg Boss  Buzzz programem which will stream on this Star Maa Music at 10 am and 6pm from Monday to Sunday.


RTS TV is another online Platform where you can watch Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. You can access Telugu Channells free from this Channel link. But watching in this way is illegal and you may face legal consequences also.


Voot is one of the Top Ott Platform where you’ll find number of latest movies streaming. Some Bollywood movies are directly streamin on this Ott platform. As of Now only Hindi version of Bigg Boss is streaming, you can’t find Telugu Bigg boss here. In future there are chances for Telugu Bigg Boss Streaming in this Voot Ott.


Yupp TV App is just like another Ott Plartform or channel. Here you’ll fine number of movies, shows streaming directly. It doesn’t work in some part of USA. You need to install VPN to solve this problem. But watching Bigg Boss 5 Telugu on Yupp TV is Illegal.


Youtube is the Biggest Platform to watch movie, show, reviews etc. Here in Youtube also you can watch Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. Almost all reviews on Bigg Boss 5 Telugu everyday episode is given here. Highlight parts of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu will stream on youtube immediately. Youtube is free and it is also safe. 


Telegram is fastest growing Online Platform. At present all latest movies are being made available here by miscellaneous and Anonymous people. Here too you can fine Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episodes from time to time. 

What is Virtual Private Network ? Benefits of Using VPN ?

Virtual Private Network is an App, you can download it from the play store directly. Some apps like Hotstar wont open in USA. You can have access to it by changing you location to india if by changing your address location through VPN. You can watch Bigg Boss 5 Telugu on Hotstar or Star Maa by just changing Location through VPN.

Disclaimer : Above we have explained you all the methods of watching Bigg Boss 5 Telugu on different Platform. We explained you some illegal methods also, but don’t enourage watching Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Illegally. Watch Bigg boss 5 Telugu safely on Hotstar App or Star Maa.