Bigg Boss 7 Tamil: Start Date, Host, Remuneration, Contestant List, Voting, OTT Platform, Timings, Prize Money, And More

The much-celebrated reality show is making a triumphant return, brimming with captivating revelations about the highly anticipated Bigg Boss 6 Tamil, following the resounding success of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil. The sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil enjoyed immense popularity, largely attributed to its impressive TRP ratings. Since the culmination of season 6, ardent fans have been eagerly anticipating the grand arrival of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil. Simultaneously, the enthusiasm surrounding Bigg Boss Telugu 7’s premiere on September 3, 2023, is palpable. The widespread appeal of the Bigg Boss franchise has transcended language barriers, generating a phenomenal response. Notably, even amidst the triumph of the previous season, the creative minds behind Bigg Boss decided to introduce some exciting alterations to the Bigg Boss 7 Tamil voting mechanism. To uncover the comprehensive details about the upcoming Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, be sure to stay engaged.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Starting Date

Traditionally, the majority of Bigg Boss seasons have commenced their journeys in September. However, a departure from this norm is anticipated with the forthcoming season – Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is set to premiere in October. According to credible sources, the premiere date for Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is slated for October 1, 2023. Aligning with the established pattern, the new season will be streamed on Hotstar and broadcast on Vijay TV.

Bigg Boss 7 Contestant List

The anticipation for Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is palpable, with a major focus on the diverse cast of contestants. Reports suggest that the seventh season is poised to introduce a compelling array of personalities, with a notable emphasis on the inclusion of ordinary individuals. Although the final roster remains under wraps, speculative discussions have given rise to a list of potential participants who might grace the Bigg Boss house.

  • Uma Riaz Khan 
  • Bhavana  
  • Makapa Anand 
  • KPY Sarath 
  • Rekha Nair 
  • Shivin Ganesan 
  • Aysha 
  • Manikanta Rajesh 
  • Janany 
  • Amudhavan 
  • VJ Kathirravan 

Additional names include actor Prithviraj, dance instructor Sridhar, Jacqueline, and bus driver Sharmila, among others.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Host and Remuneration

From its inception to the seventh season, the esteemed host has remained Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, a fixture that one simply cannot envision Bigg Boss Tamil without. Kamal Haasan’s charismatic hosting prowess has been a driving force behind the show’s allure, ensuring an engaged audience. Despite his myriad commitments, Kamal Haasan has earmarked dedicated time for Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, promising an even more captivating experience. Notably, reports suggest Kamal Haasan’s involvement commands a substantial fee, reportedly exceeding 140 crores for his role in Bigg Boss 7 Tamil.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Vote

Voting stands as a pivotal element within the Bigg Boss framework, and the seventh season aims to introduce fresh dynamics to this essential component. While previous seasons allowed voting through diverse mediums, including online, SMS, and missed call options, the voting process will see evolution in Bigg Boss 7 Tamil.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil OTT Platform and Timings

Prepare for the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil on October 1st, 2023, as it graces Vijay TV’s post on its debut on Hotstar. The television airing is scheduled for 9:30 PM, while Hotstar streaming will be available at 9:00 PM. To access Bigg Boss 7 Tamil via Hotstar, a subscription is essential. However, for those seeking a cost-effective approach, the one-hour episode can be enjoyed for free the subsequent morning at 6 am.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Prize Money

Reflecting on the preceding six seasons, the prize money remained consistent at approximately Rs 50 lakh. Given the unprecedented excitement surrounding Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, speculations are rife regarding a potential surge in prize money, possibly reaching 75 lakhs.

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