Gulu Gulu Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

Gulu Gulu Tamil Movie Download Santhanam and others are coming up with a new movie to entertainer all the audience with the movie Gulu Gulu. The Movie is directed by Rathna Kumar. The Movie is set to release in theatres on 29th July 2022 and it is competing with other movies. Santhanam is a versatile actor and he is known for his amazing acting skills and comic timing as well and we have to see how audience will receive this movie in theatres.

Gulu Gulu Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

But the movie is gearing up for the grand official release in theatres and the websites which are Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram public channels and groups already.

Gulu Gulu(2022)


The trailer and other short promos of the movie Gulu Gulu have been released and the trailer absolutely funny, interesting as well. Now everybody are eagerly waiting to watch this movie in theatres only. The Movie is about road journey and all the lessons, and thrills learnt on the way when you go on exploring a new destination.

Movie Name Gulu Gulu(2022)
Director of the Movie Rathna Kumar
Cast of the Movie Santhanam, Athulya Chandra, Namitha Krishnamurthy, Pradeep Rawat, Mariyam George, Sai Dheena and many others
Release Date 29th July 2022
Genre Action Comedy Road Drama Movie

Gulu Gulu Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

The Movie is now officially releasing in theatres in 29th July 2022, the movie will be competing with other top Pan Indian movies as well. But every movie has its own uniqueness, and Gulu Gulu is unique as well. But to ruin all the excitement of the fans and audience, the notorious piracy websites and groups like Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram public piracy groups across the internet and shared to hundreds of people already.

Gulu Gulu Movie Download Kutty Movies

The latest movie Gulu Gulu has been uploaded and leaked on the notorious piracy website which is Kutty Movies and it is an amazing piracy website in which all the latest Tamil Movies are available right from the old ones to the newly released movies. Website is an easy user friendly website and in this website the users can stream or download the movie newly released movies and old ones in full HD resolutions like 480, 720p, and 1080p and other higher resolutions as well.

Gulu Gulu Movie Download Masstamilan

Gulu Gulu Movie has been uploaded on the notorious piracy website which is Masstamilan and in this website downloading is very easy. Yes just click on the download nt ehre will be no redirection from this website, the movie will be downloaded on the device without any problem that too very quickly and yes you can stream the latest movie as well by choosing different resolutions on the screen next to it.

Gulu Gulu Movie Download  Telegram

Telegram is an amazing cloud based platform and in this you can download all the movies and web series which are included in groups through short URL Links and all the movies can be downloaded just with one click. But we have to remind you that Telegram is an communication app and it is used only for communication purposes so. So please don’t join in the groups and watch the movie Gulu Gulu Releasing in theatres only.

Is it safe to download Gulu Gulu Movie from Telegram, Masstamilan, and Kutty Movies?

No absolutely not safe to download all the latest movie Gulu Gulu from all the piracy websites and Telegram piracy links as well. They are dangerous to your personal data as well.


It is our humble request to everyone of you please stay away from them and watch the movie Gulu Gulu Movie releasing in theatres only on 29th July 2022. Don’t encourage the piracy websites and their notorious works.

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