Vikrant Rona Tamil Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

Vikrant Rona Tamil Movie Download Kicha Sudeep’s high budgeted PAN India movie Vikrant Rona has been postponed many times because of various reasons. Now the highly anticipated movie is directed and written by Anup Bhandri and it is set to release in theatres on 28th July 2022. Kicha Sudeep has worked hard in this movie and the trailer is filled with amazing action sequences and we have to see how audience will receive this performance.

Vikrant Rona Tamil Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

Just as the movie is gearing up for the grand release in theatres in 3D as well, the websites like Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram public channels.

Vikrant Rona(2022)


The trailer of the movie has been released across all languages and it got millions of views for every language. The trailer shows us Vikrant Rona coming to an village and investigating the case when people goes missing in this village. What is happening in the village? There is a secret behind all of these. What is that?

Movie Name Vikrant Rona(2022)
Director of the Movie Anup Bhandari
Cast of the Movie Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, and many others
Release Date 28th July 2022
Genre Fantasy Adventure Film

Vikrant Rona Movie Download Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram

The Movie Vikrant Rona is releasing in 3D in all the languages across the country on 28th July 2022 and the movie will be competing with other PAN India movie as well. The marketing work is going on at full pace, and the pre-release business is also good enough. To ruin all the excitement of the fans and the crew, Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram public piracy groups have leaked the movie on their websites and groups.

Vikrant Rona Movie Download Kutty Movies

Vikrant Rona movie has been uploaded on Kutty Movies. It is a type of piracy website in which you will find all the latest movies, and web series belonging to various languages in full HD resolutions which are suitable for watching on Smart TV’s as well. You can choose to download or watch the movie directly on the website. It is better that you stay away from this website.

Vikrant Rona Movie Download Masstamilan

Vikrant Rona Movie is available for download on the amazing website Masstamilan and the website grew up in ranks and revenue. All the latest movies, web series, and other content have been available for download on this notorious piracy website. The latest newly released movie Vikrant Rona is available in 720p, 1080p Bluray versions.

Vikrant Rona Movie Download Telegram

Telegram is an application in which you have to login with your mobile number or email id and use the free services of communication. But whenever you join a notorious group, remember your data and your personal details will be available for the group admins and some group admins and piracy websites have created some groups and taking up the personal details as well. Now the latest movie Vikrant Rona is available on some groups.

Is it safe to download Vikrant Rona Movie from Kutty Movies, Masstamilan, and Telegram?

No it is absolutely not safe to download or stream the latest movie Vikrant Rona. All these notorious piracy websites are fake and they lure the users by showing the unique interfaces and the users fall in these traps and the hackers steal their data completely. That is why please stay away from these websites and watch this movie only in theatres.


So it is our only request to our readers to watch the latest movie Vikrant Rona movie releasing in theatres on 28th July 2022. Don’t follow the notorious piracy websites no matter how wonderful the interface looks.

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